Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hooray! It's National Sewing Machine Day!

In honor of National Sewing Machine Day I'm sharing the machines that help me bring the things I create in my mind to life.

Pictured above is the machine that started it all. A gift from Santa that I received before I was 10 years old. I don't remember sewing much on this little machine. I can just barely recall sewing two pieces of fabric together, tiny squares with this one. Oh the seed that it planted!

Move forward to 10+ years...

I purchased this Pfaff . On this machine, I have sewn a Grimm Reaper Halloween costume and my first quilt. I hand quilted the quilts and pieced by machine. I also used this machine when I took my sampler class at our local quilt shop.(the sampler)

Ahead another 10+ years...
This is my Brother. I purchased this machine because we were in the process of selling our house and my Pfaff was packed up and I wanted to make a quilt. It was easier to go purchase another machine than to go dig the Pfaff out of storage. On this one I've sewn a skirt (Sumemr Skirt), 2 baby quilts, the In the Watermelon Patch quilt, ( In the Watermelon Patch), Contemplation quilt, ( Contemplation) and three other quilts I have not posted about as of yet. All quilts were machine pieced and hand quilted.

Ahead another 10+ years...

This is my Juki 2010Q. I saw this machine at a quilt show a year before I purchased it. I had been considering learning to machine quilt. (Machine quilting for the first time) When I sat down at this machine, put my hands on the test fabric, pressed the foot pedal , and moved the fabric to make a few stitches I saw all the quilts I would make flash through my mind in a whirlwind rush! I quickly jumped up and knew this was the one! I saved up and went to the quilt shop that was at the quilt show to purchase this machine. When I saw the sample machine on the floor the test fabric from that quilt show was still on the machine. I quickly identified my stitches on that test fabric as they were "very distinctive" from all the others. I actually have the test fabric I originally sewed on at the quilt show. I've pieced and quilted a small quilt and two large quilts on this machine. Like my first test stitches, the quilting is not perfect but the quilts are loved just as much.

Wow, in typing this I realize that it seems I purchase a new machine every decade. I also recall that between the Holly Hobby and Pfaff machines I've sewn a couple of dresses and a skort but can't remember the machine I'd sewn them on. 

I also own a serger which I purchased a few months ago.

I want to start seriously sewing my own clothes. I haven't used it yet. I don't know how. I just knew I needed it to make garment sewing easier.

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