Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gardenia Blooms

The first blooms of the season are showing now! I've been propagating them for a few years but as with my quilting my documentation is weak.

I have been doing a lot since my last post. I've been painting, crafting, quilting and redesigning my studio. I've upgraded some things, and organized others. Some things are always a work in progress.

 In  middle of all this, I looked around and joked with my honey, it looks like a quilter lives here! I've got a pile of quilts for use in the living room, one on the bed, one on the frame to be hand quilted, one on the design wall, and one I'm sewing blocks for now. Not only those, but while organizing I found a quilt top that is ready to be sandwiched, and blocks that I made many years ago just begging to finally become a quilt.

I'd planned on sharing a few pics in this post but I haven't gotten my photos of all of the happenings organized. With that, my posts may have some time gaps between them but, it means I'm busy creating! I'll be sharing the quilts soon!

Updates on these coming shortly!

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