Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Skirt Complete

I told you about my first sewing experience with a pattern in this post. I did get all the pieces on the fabric properly with little struggle this time. Here are the highlights:

I was so involved in trying to understand what I was doing I didn't get too many pictures. I was determined not to let frustration ruin this for me because I want to enjoy the process as I have plans to learn sewing many clothing items.
 Day 1: The first fabric I chose I must have measured incorrectly. After cutting the front panel, I didn't have enough fabric to cut the back panel so I had to choose another fabric (first bump in the process). New fabric chosen, I cut the pieces.
Day 2: I cut the lining pieces. I guess I was supposed to cut these at the same time as the fabric pieces but...I didn't. That lining fabric is so slippery.
Day 3 & 4: Pinning and sewing front and back panels with lining. Many attempts to pin, boy was that lining slippery.
Day 5: Interfacing and the yoke. I had a hard time keeping up with the front and back yoke pieces. they look so much alike. I got smart and wrote on them with a disappearing pen.
Day 6: I got the yoke pinned and sewn to the panels.
Day 7: Time for the zipper. I read the instructions. They didn't make sense. I remembered the dress I had made (way back when) had a zipper and I remembered thinking, well that wasn't as hard as everybody says, but I couldn't remember what I had done. I don't think this is how it was supposed to look.

Day 8: To the internet for videos on how to put in a zipper.
Day 9: Still couldn't make sense of the techniques in the videos in accordance with the pattern instructions. So I made up my own technique.

It's not so bad I thought.Yea, the yokes don't meet exactly, but that's ok, in time that will come. I sewed the hook and eye by hand.
Day 10: A break
Day 11: Pinning, unpinning, pinning again, over and over again, and sewing the hem. Did I tell you the lining is very slippery? Finally, the skirt is done.

I took lots of breaks so I wouldn't get frustrated. The experience was fun. It's not perfect but it's better than I expected. It's wearable (and not just around the house) and if anyone notices the imperfections they shouldn't  be looking that close anyway.

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