Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday in the Shade

I accompanied my hubby to the dentist office. We were running a little late and quickly made our way into the office. As I sat in the lobby, turned on my kindle to start a new book, I looked out the window.

It was a gorgeous day, the temperature was just right, slight breeze, nearly perfect. It was then I noticed the towering oak and the shady spot it had prepared just for me on the side patio. It beckoned me, "Come, sit in my shade, enjoy the breeze, it's such a lovely day." Taking up it's offer, I stepped out, sat down, and began to read. If in the shade of the oak was not a great spot in and of itself to read a good book, this is the view I was treated to as I did so.

I hope you found the beauty in your day.

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