Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As you may recall from this post I was attempting to teach myself to knit.

Here are the results.

Four ruffle scarves. Each approximately 63" long!

These were really fun to make. The first one took me nearly 6 hours to make because it was something new, and I had to keep starting over because it just didn't seem right. Once I got the hang of it I got down to about three hours on one scarf. Not to bad I thought for my first attempt at a completed knit project. The hardest part was keeping the yarn spread out to find the loops in the the top row to knit through.

Feeling confident with what I had done, I attended a knitting class. Always the good student, I showed up early, excited and ready to learn, with my case of yarn and needles.The instructor was, by her on acclaim, a "yarn snob". She has been knitting over 25 years and even spins her own yarn (undoubtedly from her own herd of alpacas she now farms since retiring from her day job). Don't get me wrong, she was a superb teacher, very helpful and very knowledgeable and skilled. However, I did not get the correct instructions and showed up with nothing required for the class. I worked with what I had and she worked with me to try to do what I needed to do.

The next day I acquired the correct yarn and needles for the class and attempted to start the hat project assigned. I worked so hard to get gauge correct, it didn't happen. I tried different size needles, still no luck. After five days of tirelessly trying, I realized...This is not the time for me to learn knitting. I thought maybe I'll learn crochet, maybe gauge doesn't matter and that's why more people do it. After researching crochet I found out I was wrong, gauge is just as important. Oh well, maybe another time and it will all come together. I don't consider it a failure, after all, I did make those pretty ruffle scarves all on my on.

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