Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is it Spring Yet?

When I walked into the floral department of our local craft store I was very happily surprised to find it filled with spring flowers!!! SO many bright, beautiful colors that made me so happy. I decided it was time to "Spring" up the house. (Even though it is technically still winter.)

 I came home and went through my scrap bag and found some spring colored fabric that was suited to become a flower and got started.

 I got a bowl and traced it for the flower center.

I made a template for the petals and traced it onto the fabric.

I got out my fancy turning tool (a sturdy straw and wooden stick that came with a bag of poly-fil) 
and turned them right side out.

I cut quilt batting with the template, filled the petals and sewed a decorative stitch around each petal. 
The batting with the stitching gave some rigidity to the petals. I then pinned each petal to the center circle which was wrong side out and sewed all the way around leaving a small space to turn inside out. 
I stuffed the center with poly-fil and used the same decorative stitch all the way around the center to 
close it up and make it look pretty.

Here it is, my finished SPRING flower!

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