Monday, February 18, 2013

Tool Talk: Homemade Chips

I spent yesterday getting my crafting items in order. The first thing I did was make some chips. They were really easy and fun to make. Here's how I did it...
First I gathered all my paints


 Got some 4"x6" index cards and cut them into 2"x2" sqaures

Put all my colors in order by color families from light to dark. 

I gave each color a number. On the back of the cards I wrote the number color, type of paint, and brand.

On the front of each card I made a swirl of the color.

 I let them dry overnight.

I punched holes in the corner of each chip, put them on a wire holder
 and now I can look at the chips, pick my colors,
go to my closet and pick the bottles that correspond to the card and I'm ready to paint!

I'm a very visual person and this helps me tremendously as I don't have to take up valuable space with all of the bottles being out where I can see them.

I've been told my obsession with organization is a sickness.I do this with my fabric also. I scan the fabric, write the manufacturer, design name, yardage, where I bought it and date.

 This helps me visualize a project before I go pulling all the fabric from my stash. I can also slip them into my pocket when I shop to find fabrics to go with what I already have on hand. The colors printed aren't exact, but they help bring the fabric to mind. If the fabric doesn't quiet match as I had intended when I get it home... Well, would that really be a bad thing?

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