Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Chapter

Look at this beautiful book I received for Christmas. It's so colorful!

Wait until you see what's inside...

Even more beautiful colors!

As y'all know I have been attempting to teach myself to knit. This is the stash I received as gifts this Christmas. I have gathered lots of one on one verbal instruction and viewed a few videos online and I think I have the knowledge in my mind on how to complete my first project, a ruffle scarf. My verbal instruction came from beginning and advanced knitters who say it's pretty easy. My thoughts to that were, I'm sure it is easy for someone who has knitted a few things or many things, but will I still be able to do it having knitted nothing? Accompanied by her daughter, one person in particular I spoke with said she had never knitted anything before, this was the  first thing she had ever knitted. The first scarf she made was worn by her daughter and she was wearing the second. This inspired me to say I can do it too! I hope my mental knowledge will filter from my brain through my hands.

I'm told it only takes two hours to complete this scarf. Stick around and see what this turns into.

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