Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Knit or (K)not

Ok folks, as you know, I have been trying to teach myself to knit. I've gotten the long tail cast on down and the knit stitch. I have been attempting the purl and it's going a little more slowly than I like. In the mean time, I have been conducting a poll in my local area...

Do you knit or crochet? The overwhelming majority respond, crochet. Some do both but mainly crochet. I also ask why crochet and not knitting? The responses have been varied; knitting is too slow, too complicated, too much going on with the back and forth on those needles, I never learned, and my favorite, you can buy stuff already knitted. The responses to why crochet, have mainly been because that's what their grandmother or mothers taught them. When I ask what is the difference between the two I've only gotten one explanation; with knitting you don't have to sew the pieces together.

This is my understanding of the two, limit as it is (my knowledge comes via the web, youtube, etc.): Knitting is done with two needles and you can make big things like scarves, sweater, hats, clothing type items. Crocheting is for little stuff, with fine, thread and yarn, done with a hook and you can make small things, dainty things, like baby booties, granny squares that when sewn together become afghans and doilies  When I polled the real world folks no one could give me an explanation to fit my need to know.

Now that I have done research in the real world I'd like to ask the cyber world, what is the difference between knitting and crocheting? Is one faster than the other? Easier? I haven't been able to find an answer in the real world or cyber space on my own. Can anyone help me understand?

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