Monday, October 22, 2012

Cast On

I have been a quilter for a while now and have been looking for something to do in between quilts and thought knitting would be pretty neat to learn. About 7 years ago I asked a co-worker who is an avid knitter to teach me how. She said yes and told me what yarn to get. 

The next day I showed up to work excited and ready to go. She walked in and I showed  her my equipment, without laughing in my face, she politely informed me that I was holding crochet hooks. Back to the store. The next day I showed up with knitting needles. She taught me over lunch and I was so grateful to her for sharing her talent with me. Life happened and time passed and I forgot what she taught me. The notes I took made no sense to me months after that fact.

Her we are 7 years later. I decided last Saturday was the day to learn this craft. I got out the needles and yarn I had purchased back then, watched some videos, and after 16 hours I conquered the long tail cast on and knitted my first row. I may have jumped the gun (as it has taken me seven years to pick the needles back up) but I joined a new knitters group online at Wish me luck.

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