Friday, September 14, 2012

Baroque and Excited

 Last Saturday my 11 year old niece came to visit so I could help her with her business cards for her duct tape crafts business. She brought me a copy of our local energy co-op's latest publication with a cover story on a local quilter. It stared a discussion of quilting and I told her I have been collecting fabric for her's since before she was born but that her taste change so much that I have to keep buying different fabric to keep up.

I told her how much I would love for her to work with me on her quilt, an offer I had made many times that elicited no response previously. To my surprise this time she said she sure Annie. I was so happy!  This is what I've always wanted! To share my passion for the art and sharing the time and memories with her of the making of her own quilt. I am a very happy Auntie! I explained to her that this was not a fast thing to do and it would take a long time. She was still interested.

A couple days later I called her to say we could get together to come up with the pattern for the quilt. I thought I'd put together a few and let her pick and then we could create the design together. Again, to my surprise, she said she already knew what pattern she wanted. When I ask her what it was, she said it was baroque. I explained to her baroque was an artistic style not a pattern. She told me it was a pattern on duct tape. I found a picture of the duct tape to which she referred. The photo with this post is very similar to the black on white design on the duct tape.

I immediately thought of Hawaiian quilts. The technique to accomplish this would be needle turn applique, which takes practice to accomplish. I have no doubt she can learn this skill, she is a very ambitious young lady, but I don't want her to become overwhelmed or bored and not finish the project. I do not want to quell her desire to quilt!  Then I remembered the fabric pictured above in my stash. Maybe we can find other fabrics similar and somehow do a patchwork quilt.

Our project is still in the planning stages but I will keep you updated on our progress. I want this to be an experience she'll never forget and enjoy and want to continue. Even if she doesn't start quilting right away, maybe someday in her future she will look back on our time together making her first quilt and it will start the flicker inside her and she will become a quilter too (maybe I'm an ambitious Auntie, too.)

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