Friday, August 3, 2012

The Cold Shoulder

As my Grandmothers eighty-ninth birthday approached, I began thinking about what I could make for her that she would appreciate and use. While visiting with her on several occasions I noticed she would bundled under a blanket as she watched television. She didn't look too comfortable to me and the thought came... a shoulder quilt.

I know how putting a scarf around your shoulders can take the chill away, so a shoulder quilt would keep her warm. It would be something she could wrap around her shoulders to cover her chest and back without having to wrap the blanket up around her neck. With the shoulder quilt she could keep it on even if she needed to get up and around.

I used two different fabrics to make it reversible, one yard of each. I cut an opening (a slit) to midway of the fabric. With the two right sides of the fabrics together and the batting on the top side of them, I used my walking foot to stitch the edges leaving a small opening for turning. 

When I gave it to her, she loved it. She loved the purple color. I hope it keeps you warm Maw-Maw, for many years to come.

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