Friday, August 10, 2012

Addiction vs Hoarding?

As defined by Merriam-Webster:

Addiction - compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance 
Hoarding - to collect and hide a large amount of (something valuable)

I've been accused of having tendencies of both.

I've got to have it around me all the time. I need to see it, feel it, touch it. No matter where I am I seek it out. I must have it! What is it that I can't get enough of, FABRIC, of all colors, dimensions, origins, patterns, and designs.

On road trips it's the first thing I do, seek out all the quilt and fabric shops in the area. Their lure is undeniable. I believe seeking out fabric on a road trip fuels my passion for it more than anything else. Each store has a style flavor unique unto itself. With so many beautiful fabrics in existence no one store could hold them all. Thus my need to hunt them and gather as much as I can from each. Just look at the diversity in these collections from three different quilt shops gathered on a recent road trip in Texas.

How could I stop myself. They all spoke to me with their wonderful colors, and designs. What could I do except liberate them from their bolts, to help them fulfill their destiny of becoming what they are meant to be? That's it! I am not an addict or hoarder, I am a liberator! Yes, that's it. I help these fabrics live the life they were meant to lead!

Once I've freed the fabrics and gotten them safely home, I lay them out all around me letting them breathe and relax from the confines of their bolts and soak in their presence, sometimes for hours. I listen to them telling my what they want to be. Oh, the conversations we have, so many dreams and destinations. All in good time my lovely fabrics. Relax for now, your journey to what you are meant to be will begin soon enough.

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