Friday, July 27, 2012

In the Watermelon Patch

This is where it began...

Actually, it started with the cutest little girl... age 3.

One night while she and her family were over, I was getting a little chilly and of course, I had a quilt handy. I retrieved my Contemplation quilt and as I came back to the sofa she was dancing and spinning with all the energy a three year-old has. I unfolded the quilt to cover up, when she saw it, she stopped mid-spin with wide eyes and gasped. I asked her if she wanted to share and she jumped right up next to me and snuggled under the quilt. Immediately, I know I had to make this little girl a quilt of her own that would be just as bright and cheerful as she is.  This was the result:

The process began here and here.

I got my blocks on the design wall.


                               Got it on the no-baste 
hand quilting frame 
and quilted away.

Got the binding on.

          And here it is, 
In the Watermelon Patch.

{ Detail of hand quilting }

{ View of backing }

The next time she and her family were over and her bedtime came, I brought out the quilt and gave it to her Momma to read the gift label to her. She covered up next to her Momma on the sofa and asked to be "tucked" a little game they play at bedtime. When it was time for them to depart for the evening and her Momma asked her to get her quilt, she replied, "I get to take it home?" That question made it all worth while. 

*****Quilt Details: Quilt Name: In the Watermelon Patch
                    Quilt Dimensions: 48" x 60"


  1. What a lovely story and a delightful quilt.

  2. Such a lucky little one to know that someone LOVED her enough to make her a Quilt----- LOVE in any language


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