Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy Bee

I've been working away on quilt after quilt. I've made great progress.
I have completed:
1) one queen size quilt top
2) 48" x 60" quilt
3) and currently working on my red, white, and blue ufo.

I have been searching for the perfect backing for the queen quilt and haven't found it yet. You can see a hint of the blocks in this post. I don't want to reveal too much on this one yet, it is a very special gift and I don't want too much to get out just yet. While the search is on I've completed the 48" x 60" quilt I talked about here. 

The search is still on for the perfect backing for the queen. So, I've decided to attack the ufo I discussed here.  I found the white fabric on a recent quilt shop tour in Texas. My intent for the ufo blocks is to make a picnic quilt. With the Fourth of July around the corner I decided it was time to get it made (the blocks have been sitting around for at least six years, the rush is on). I began designing with the blocks and realized with just these blocks and the white fabric, I'd have too much white for a picnic quilt to suit my tastes. I began to search my stash closet for some complementary fabrics. I spotted two old dresses one blue with an off white viney flower design, and a red and white checked seersucker dress I had de-buttoned and had planned to use in a quilt one day. This was the day. 

I compared the colors and they were a little off but I thought I could design the quilt where they would be far enough apart that they might "go". So, I began cutting the dresses apart. The cutting complete, I compared them to the ufo blocks again. The colors aren't going to work, not for my taste. So, the ufo blocks went back to the "when I grow up I will be a quilt" shelf. I had to go out and shop for more fabric to go into my red, white, and blue picnic quilt. Darn, I have to go shop for MORE fabric. 

P.S While I'm out a few more quilt show pics from the Sand Stitches quilt show:

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