Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quilt Alert

I've been working nearly non-stop on my latest quilting project for the past couple of months. I finished piecing together the top late yesterday and decided to take a breather before peicing together the backing and putting the sandwich together. I gave myself today to sit in front of the television and flip through a stack of sewing and quilting magazines my sister picked up for me last week.

Upon awakening and making my way into the kitchen, there was my handsome honey awaiting my appearance with a freshly made cup of coffee. After thanking him with a great big morning hug and a kiss, and after rubbing both of my puppies floppy ears, I snuggled myself under a quilt and flipped on the tv and this is what I saw...

circa 1970

I love this quilted skirt! It's hard to tell in this photo but it is quilted. It was featured on an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore show which Hallmark channel is having a marathon today. I've been telling my husband for a while now that I'd like to make myself a skirt to build my sewing skills. I wonder what he would think of one like this?

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