Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twitter and IQF 2011

Tweet Tweet
The super bowl of quilting, International Quilt Festival, is happening this weekend in Houston, Texas. I had plans to be there but due to some conflicted scheduling I was unable to attend. This would have been my first quilt fest. I was disappointed that I couldn't be there, but you know what they say, stuff happens.

I've been following @QuiltFestival on twitter and being apprised of all the goings on in real time via this 140 character or less tweet sensation. I found out through a tweet from@QuiltFestival that IQF had a twitter board at the show and by using the hash tag quitlfestival my tweet would show up on the board to be read by all the festival goers. So I tweeted away and this tweet; "My tweet is @QuiltFestival even when I'm not. #QuiltFestival Isn't technology grand!not only showed up on the board but it was also retweeted by @QuiltFestival itself! To twitter and IQF, thank you for making it possible for me to be a part of this event. Even though I couldn't actually be there, I could still share in the excitement. Until next year when I will be there in person this (my first memory of IQF) will carry me through.

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