Sunday, October 23, 2011

UFO Sighting

UFO pile up

Unfinished objects may be bigger than they appear

While I searched for photos to post I spotted a UFO, or a bunch of them depending on how you look at it. In the quilting world a UFO is any UnFinished Object. It seems to be a normally occurring event for most quilters. I made these blocks back in 2005, I was in the mood to make some blocks on afternoon, grabbed a few fabrics that went together and started making strip sets. As you can see I had way more red and blue fabric than I did white. With the left over blue and red strip sets I made the nine patch blocks. Yes, this is one of those times I made blocks with no vision of a finished quilt. After I finished sewing I ended up with eight blue cornered nine patches, eight red cornered nine patches, and thirty six red, white, and blue bar blocks, each with a six inch finish size. I put the blocks away and went on with life.

Around 2008 I came across these blocks and decided I would use them to make a picnic quilt. After laying out all the blocks I realized I didn't have enough blocks to make a decent sized quilt for picnicking. It also seemed so dark. Thus began the quest for more of the white fabric used in the bars to lighten it up. The white fabric was originally purchased for use in the chili pepper sampler I had completed earlier in 2005. Now three years later finding the fabric was next to impossible. I found fabric from the same line but not the right color. I believe it was called Kona Snow. I found it in a white but this is an off white. So back in the closet they went.

When I started my current QIP I came across these blocks once again, I began the search for off white fabric to work into the picnic quilt. I didn't find the exact match but did find something that would work. So now it is an even bigger UFO. I once heard it said when it comes to buying fabric, if you like it buy a yard, if you love it buy three. I love the challenge of  having to make something work and not knowing exactly what I have. That's why I love the fat quarter sales and the remnants bin. But now I shop with a new rule; if I like it I buy three yards, if I love it I buy five yards, and if I can't live without it at least nine yards, if they don't have nine yards I take what's left!

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