Friday, October 7, 2011

Stash Building

Some of my stash

Stash away, stash away, stash away all... All the fabric that I can!

I began building my stash long before I started my first quilt. I love fabric! When I began shopping for fabric I had no idea about the quilts it would be used to make. I just knew one day I'd use it in one.

Fabric can get a bit pricey and usually when quilting you go shopping for fabric knowing the design, pattern, size of and amount of fabric you will need already figured out. Not me! Like I've said, I live dangerously in the world of quilting; I don't follow all the rules, I don't like to follow patterns. I buy fat quarters by the armful! I save up all year and I can't wait for the local quilt shop's annual fat quarter frenzy! Yes, I know I can buy fat quarters anytime but I like working within a budget, the not knowing what's going to be available when I get there, the vision of all the bundles laid out before me like a field of fabric just waiting for the good ones to be harvested by me! I shop the remnant bin at the local fabric and craft stores! Nothing has to match, I just buy what I like. I like the challenge of not knowing how the fabric will be used.

A fat quarter is just what it sounds like, a quarter yard of fabric cut in an approximate 18" x 21", 22" rectangle, a user friendly size for quilters. Well most crib size quilts take at least 3 yards of fabric, that would equal twelve fat quarters. After making a couple of crib size quilts I realized if I was going to make any bigger quilts I needed to start buying larger sizes of fabric. So I began buying three yards at a time. After consulting patterns for dimensions of larger quilts I realized I needed to buy even larger pieces of fabric. So now I buy four to five yards of a fabric at a time. Don't misunderstand I still swoop up the fat quarters and scour the remnants bins, it's just now with the purchase of the bigger pieces of fabric I have lots of filler and backing.When I get ready to make a quilt or I'm just in the mood to make some blocks, I go to my fabric stash, lay it all out around me, basque in the glow of all that color, soak in all the inspiration, and dive in head first with imagination.

Imagination + Inspiration = CREATIVITY

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