Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Harvesting Weekend

Friday gatherings
Saturday gatherings

More, more more!

It all started Wednesday, with a sales paper my Maw-Maw saved for me. (For those of you not from the South, Maw-Maw would be Grandmother.) She gets the newspaper everyday and saves me all the coupons. Thanks Maw-Maw! This sales paper was for a local fabric store with great deals and 40% off coupons. I perused the sales paper making a mental list of things I would check out once at the store, the sale starts Friday.

As I do with any trip to the fabric store, especially when a sale is on, I set myself a budget. This is more of  a self control measure than anything, otherwise I'd probably have to bring a trailer to haul all my newly purchased goodies home. I also like the challenge of working within a budget, it's kind of like a game for me, I see how many combinations I can come up with that fit the budget and then pick the one I like most and bring it home. My husband thinks I'm nuts! He says just buy it all, but I can't change the rules of my game. I like the self-imposed restrictions, as sick as that my seem to some, I believe it is part of my creative process.

It's Friday! I head to the store with a mental picture of my fabric stash. I start out with the intent to buy fabrics that will work with those in my stash to make a complete quilt. Usually, most quilters go in with quilt patterns and fabric yardage predetermined. Not me, I usually have no idea of what I'm looking for or how it will end up being used and I like it that way. I see what jumps out at me and from those I decide if I would use that in a quilt for a someone I know if not, I buy them anyway and search for fabric I'd use in the particular persons quilt I just thought of and buy that also. I buy fabric at different times for the same person  and when I feel I have gathered enough fabric, even if it takes years, I will begin that particular quilt. The person that came to mind on this shopping trip is someone I have been gathering fabric for for over seventeen years. I think I have just about enough fabric for this quilt in particular and will begin it soon. I return home with my finds and set them aside to spend tomorrow prepping them. I check my email and what do I find in my inbox? A going out of business sale for one of the only two quilt stores in my area. So begins the process again.

As I am blogging right now my washing machine and dryer are going getting my fabrics ready to be pressed. Who would have thought I would ever be happy about ironing!

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