Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sampler

The Chili Pepper Sampler

I love color, the bolder, the brighter, the better.

After my experience with the quilt guild I decided I needed to get some instruction in the how-to of quilting. I had been printing instructions from the internet for years. So much information is out there it became overwhelming. I’d scan articles quickly and print them out to read thoroughly later and never got around to the reading part. I had accumulated a huge binder full of internet instruction.

My process for learning a new art is to create from my own understanding then after completion of the project I learn the traditional techniques. I then decide what works for me. I had completed my first quilt by my own rules with my own techniques. It was time to learn the traditional way. I was living in an area where the closest quilt shop was nearly forty miles away. With a full time job and late class hours it seemed out of reach to attend classes.

Timing is everything. While working at a local publishing company an article came across my desk for a quilt shop less than five miles from my home and what’s this I see, a list of available classes. Beginning Quilting starts next week. It was meant to be! I was in the shop the next day and enrolled in my first ever quilting class. I couldn’t believe after all these years my dreams of quilting were coming true.

I arrived for the first class with focus fabric in hand, a chili pepper print I had purchased many years before. Upon showing it to the instructor I recall her exact words and facial expression with widen eyes and a slight roll of the eyeballs, “At least it’s not directional; you’ve got that going for you.” I didn’t understand this remark at the time but learned by the end of class, she had no faith in the appeal of my final project based on my non-traditional fabric choice.

While attending the eight week class we were instructed in rotary cutting, machine piecing, pressing, needle turn applique, hand applique, the use and creation of templates, making the quilt sandwich, basting, and hand quilting. The class was a lot of fun. I made new friends, learned lots and saw some pretty diverse looking quilts, all the same design, each unique due to individual fabric choices.  

*****Quilt Details: Quilt Dimensions: 36” x 36”, Four 12 inch blocks. Block Design: Top left - Ohio star, top right Grandma’s fan (blades, needle turn applique; fan handle, hand applique); bottom left - four patch in a nine patch, bottom right – Saw tooth star. Quilt Name: Chili Pepper Sampler. Quilt Location: This quilt resides on the wall of my husband’s "Christmas Command Center" where he creates, builds, and designs synchronized Christmas light shows with an obsessive passion. 

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