Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friendship Starfish

Friendship Starfish Totes

I have a confession to make, I LOVE FAT QUARTERS!

I like to live dangerously in the quilting world. I don’t like to follow patterns for quilts. I’m a rebel! I see a block I like and I get busy making it. I don’t know where I will end up. I just grab a bunch of fabrics from my ever growing fat quarter stash and get sewing. I make as many blocks as I can from what I have selected. When I run out of fabric I take a step back and assess the situation.

In this instance I find myself with six 11 inch blocks. I think to myself, I’ve got enough of this purple fabric, if I put some sashing with it maybe it will be big enough for a baby quilt. That’s what I’ll do. So I did. Nope, not big enough for a baby quilt. Yes, I know I could go buy more fabric but where’s the challenge in that?

I leave the piece lying around for a few days and “meditate” on it. Hmmm, what will you become I think to myself each time I pass it by. Then it comes to me, totes! Eureka! What a great idea. I set to the ripping of the seams, the parting of blocks, and a few hours later, there they are, my six original bocks. The little starfish are smiling back at me awaiting their new destiny! They became 3 lovely totes that afternoon.

It’s like I say to my 10 year old niece when she shares her drawings with me; she tells me, I just started drawing and didn’t know what it would be then it came out like this. I tell her, that’s what art is, you start off 
with something, it takes on a life of its own and it becomes art.

(Guess where the third tote went.)

*****Quilt Details: Block Design: 11 inch Friendship Star; Quilt Name: Friendship Starfish, focus fabric was fussy cut to be sure a starfish was visible in the center of each star.

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  1. This would make great gifts to take to fellow quilters at a retreat you are attending. I love these. You could use fabric in designs that coordinate with the location of the retreat. Such as, this Starfish for the beach, Trees and and wildlife for a mountain area, a western theme fabric for one in Texas, etc.


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